Street Art


Previous to hosting pirates and independent radio programs
Ace Beaty already started to do tape to tape cut-ups much 
in a William S. Burroughs kind of way, though She didn't yet knew
about the writer back then.

She was also scanned numbers stations over shortwaves 
and sequenced weird bleeps found at the end of the FM band.

captured snippets of voices from street encounters.
Stopping people recording answers to inquiry for imaginary surveys.
Later on tape-dubs replaced the original questions with unrelated ones,
or more often removed all questions
to manifest surrealistic conversation between individuals 
who had never met and probably never will.

used a Marantz portable recorder for urban-field-recording
and sometimes even less noticeable gear.


Soon the Walkman™ appeared,
Sie didn't purchase any.
To the contrary Ace challenged the 'autistic' confinement
which that new device caused.

In reaction to witnessing a growing isolationist flock 
all comforted in sonic encapsulation,

Ace Beaty made Electro-Funk, Industrial Speed Garage and Boogie Punk mixtapes
which Sie later nonchalantly blasted at every turns of Brussels and Paris,
in New Romantic style not fashion, the wrist chained to Hir own custom made ghetto blaster,
such as this one:

dj bo misfit, boombox, ghetto blaster, jambox, boomblaster, street art
from private collection

Aside of coloring the urban landscape with cassettes for hir Brixton briefcases
other mixtapes specially went to lovers and friends
plenty were given, lost and when broke sold to tasty snack-bar, TVOD arcades 
and or silly funfairs

Ace Beaty keeps sporadically recreating jamboxes to this day.
Hir dream is to work from a 240 volts powered SHARP GF 1000 with functional batteries, if you have one please get in touch.
Other related project are also in mind. 

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Post-scriptum: One model was forgotten in the back of a taxi in Paris while returning from Madrid in 1989. Another was given as a persent to Techno Fuse 'DJ Kash' but later sold to the insistence of Antwerp boat parties organizer 'Super Mario', around the mid-1990's. 
If you now possess one of these and the wheel or heads became dysfunctional, it would need recalibration, please call Aubray David Nicholas Jasper de Grey for maintenance issue.

The Sharp GF 1000