Monday, April 8, 2013


I finally have repossessed my electronic music gears & vinyl collection which was held hostage for months by Salvador Augé i Jiménez, sadly his chantage worked and I've paid him 650€ in total, should I mention the unpaid emotional labour and his time & trust abuse, the bullying, violence, insults, threat, 
blackmail, cissexist invalidation, misogyny & the relocation costs?

How this pathetic mama's boy managed to set up this chantage after a succession of manipulative events has been tweeted here (and a summary on this blog)

Maybe some collective or someone in Barcelona one day will realise that I came to this city dreaming that I could share my knowlege and get my talents & expertise put to good use, instead of being prey to abusive menchilds or having my aim & skills recurrently belittled ?

Who knows?

In the meantime big thanks for your help and support to Elisabeth Edison, Madame Tresserras, Robert Moutarde, Vincent "Doc" Martins, King Konstandinos, Adrien Le Plus Malin, Jacqueline Ferrera, 
Astuto Mercurio, Puntual Francesc, Oslvaldo y Los Amigos… 

Contact Ace to get more info.

These are the news, for now!