Ace Beaty started in the mid 1980's as a radio DJ at FM Brussel 
(the most advanced alternative station in Belgium at the time).

 She also held residency at the now legendary post-punk bar DNA, in Brussels.

Previous to get into clubs, special event and block parties, 
she produced sound-scapes for art happenings, short films or fashion catwalks.
By the end of the decade, Alice left Brussels for Antwerp and later to Madrid, 
on an Acid House, New Beat and Electro Jazz-Funk trip, promoting the most eclectic or innovative sounds for the time.

Back in Antwerp without having seen much daylight during her Spanish inquisition, Michel Dewindt asked her if she would play in his new club: Cafe d' Anvers
yet Ace Beaty declined the offer in favor of a residency exclusively at La Luna, 
as she preferred playing a wider range of music.

In the mid-90's a residency at De Kaaiman club in Antwerp was specially enjoyed, 
and obviously not only by her. The experience was exalted by the finest range sound-system to be found but it was setting forth an even broader spectrum of musical diversity that was most noticed. Free of any kind of conditioning, Alice found delight at giving all kinds of folks more than a chance to reach a peak.

Ace Beaty preferably use only vinyls, but combine with digital formats since March 2015. 
She could also be' spicing-up' a session with her faitfull Roland SH-I0I or even join-in a dancing audience for unanticipated performance.

With French DJ and producer Fabrice Lagrange (Auditiv Experience) she became an active member of the now defunct Antwerp based Chill-core music record label 'Resonance', which was detected in the early 90's by Mixmaster Morris, Sean Booth, Rob Brown, Bryan Gee, Jumping Jack Frost, Grant Wilson-Claridge and some guys at Fat Cat Records in London, UK, where She often used to shop for innovative music.

Early in the new millennium she penned the underground electroclash song "Fashion Model's Music Sucks" with visual artist Aline Bouvy as lead, this later turned into an electro garage rock crossover when Neck Doppler (aka Murray Johnston) and The Render General of Glasgow Scottish band The Retrosexuals made a cover of the song.

DJ Ace Beaty appeared in quiet contrasting place over time, such as DNA, Café Central, Le Mirano Continental (Brussels), MuKHA, La Luna, Café Moderne, De Zazou, De Kaaiman (Antwerp),  La Kasba, El Kitsch, Speka, Attica, Planta Baja (Madrid), La Fabrique, Underworld, Club IOI (Paris), Bollox (Manchester), ManiFest (København), Blue Note (London), Mix BCN, Club 13 (Barcelona),... and numerous celebrations, fashion and visual art events, private venues and block parties. 

As a 'musical host' Ace Beaty goes into depth and heights of euphony;
inviting all shades in the prism. 

She may start with a Balearic caresses or Latin hard bop contemplation 
to lead you later into sprakling nu-disco incarnation of the high-tech soul, electro-funk movement

From Old Moscow to Nu Disco

Ace won't get with your -program-
Preformated 'music' aimed at dumbindown an audience,
 shouldn't never get a play, and beat-matching…
is of lesser importance than reaching your own specific troposphere. 
In spontaneity space is give for 'the other'.